Spoiled Milk and spoiled friendships. Throw them out.

Here is the scenario :

Female has birthday a month before Male Birthday.

Male gets female nothing for her birthday.

Female sends text stating I am taking you our for tacos for your birthday.

Taco day comes around Male needs to be picked up.

Female picks up male.

Male offers no gas money and does not say thank you.

The duo gets to the restaurant.

The very nice waitress states the kitchen will be closing in 20 minutes.

So a order of chips, salsa and guacamole was ordered in the meantime.

Waitress comes over to take the order and female orders tacos.

This should be a easy decision this restaurant has very few menu options and it says clearly on the menu no substations. Plus the outing was set up under the pretense that tacos were being ordered.

Male decides to ask a ridiculous amount of questions and then ends up ordering enough food for two days. Seriously he ordered chicken nachos which is a order big enough for 4 people. Plus fries which is a 4 person shareable portion.

Female is very irritated and you can certainly tell by the look on her face as well as her overall demeanor.

After some dry as stale toast conversation male decides to break out in a dance at the table as if he is 4 and not 40.

Female would have been justified in leaving said male at the restaurant with his uncouth ways and the tab but really she just wanted it to be over.  Female was raised better than that.

Male said he is looking forward to taking female out.

If female never sees male again it would be to soon.

Sometimes situations happen to bring things into perspective or to give you a opportunity to re-evaluate things, and the people in your life. When a season is over it is best not to revive it. When milk is spoiled you through it out, when friendships spoil you should do the same.



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